First off, listen to this!

Yep, I just went there!  🙂

Now, give this a listen!

You better have listened to those!!! 🙂

Anywho, I got a letter from Patric, my sponsored child!

I will put it up here on the blog in a few days, once I get everything back to how they were.

It’s sweet to see my kid write me!  You need to sponsor a child as well, so you can have the joy of getting a letter as well!

It really is a blessing!

Look for the letter up in a few days…



Hey there!

I have been focusing the past couple of weeks on my personal blog (Life of Younkin) and I am currently doing a Compassion Week.

I recently discovered some sites that I would appreciate if you visited.

Blog on Child Poverty
– Check this out for some information on the blog

Londovor–>Blog on Child Poverty – Info on the Compassion blog

Blogville–>Blog on Child Poverty – Thoughts on the Child Poverty blog

CBD–>Compassion – Link to Compassion’s homepage

Compassion Forum – Check out this forum post on Compassion International

Podcastblaster–>Compassion Podcast – Speak Up with Compassion

Podcast–>Compassion Audio – Compassion Audio podcast

Podcast–>Compassion Video – Compassion Video podcast

Podcastblaster–>Compassion Audio – Compassion Audio podcast

Podcastblaster–>Compassion Video – Compassion Video podcast

AmigoFish–>Speak Up with Compassion – Speak Up With Compassion

AmigoFish–>Compassion Audio – Compassion’s Audio Podcast

PodNova–>Compassion Video – Compassion’s Video podcast

PodNova–>Compassion Audio – Check this out for Compassion Audio podcast

PodNova–>Child Advocacy – Child Advocacy podcast

Global Food Crisis – Read Asia & Chocolate’s blog on the Global Food Crisis

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