After seeing the lackluster stats on this blog, I have decided to pour all of my attention on my first blog I had, Life of Younkin.

I will no longer be making posts on this blog, however it will stay open to look at anything you would like.

Does this mean I will no longer be talking about Compassion International?

Absolutely not!!  As a matter of face, I have been featuring Compassion Advocates and others who love Compassion throughout the past two weeks on Life of Younkin.  I am going to use Life of Younkin as the homebase for all things I write about.  Anything from Compassion, to college, to random thoughts about life, to favorite links.  Every single thing I have ever posted on Life of Younkin or Compassion Experience will still be posted about.

So remeber to update your links and be sure to check out my blog for some cool information!!